Sometimes you need a break.

I wanted to do all those colored sketches by watching the art of Pascal Campion, an amazing talented artist and a simple guy. He's been doing this for many years and this challenge was in order to show me how much I could be creative.

At the beggining it was hard, I didn't know where I wanted to go, I just wanted to try but doing this every single day became a real mental challenge to me, I put limits on my own and this is very frustrating for people who's working on animation industry because we want you to be creative as much as possible then those limits went to pressure because I had to do it and there is nothing worst than drawing with pressure.

Being inspired by your favorite artists is a very good thing, you could learn so much things. I've been so much inspired by my fav artist that my ideas wasn't really mine, in case that it wasn't my real personnality and I was lost from all of this. I've been watching my old sketches few days ago and thought "hey I was more expressive on this one.." and I realized that it wasn't my way to draw and I missed it.

So now I'll do less "pressure sketches" and do more sketches with my real personnality.

Here's some random gestures.